I am going to try and explain this in the manner of the confusion that it is, it is neither persuasive or argumentative what it is, is a piece, a piece on world peace.“What is the greatest technology we ever had to have or will ever have?” “The Technology of Peace.” Technology is an application of science to solve a problem; it is the knowledge of man dealing with engineering or applied sciences and systems. We must not use an application of technology wrong to cause harm to humans. We must use scientific knowledge for practical purposes to solve our problems.


One of the greatest men. Who made a true difference in our world. JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, Dec 25, 1 AD-AD 26/AD 37 Please see my dedication.

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World Technology World Peace Technology


mid-15c., “to injure or be detrimental to,” from prejudice (n.)
Five Century’s too long

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