The basis of Ethics is understanding right and wrong there is a procedure of knowledge to be able to do so. Ethics is a quality of morals, values, ideas, and principles. Ethics should be understood. But it is not merely perceived, and Ethics is complicated because we all are different in how we think and understand and believe. Human beings use ethics to judge each other in the world. And that is incorrect. People must use Ethics on a daily basis in personal and professional decisions. We must realize right from wrong that is why our world is not perfect because of values and morals, principles; ideas, are different. Who is right and who is wrong is complex. In the business World of Information Technology and Computer science. (Ethics of technology ) Are Information technology and computer science the same? No, there are “three fields of study at the college level. Computer engineering, information technology, and computer science are all disciplines within the same realm of study”(Blanchard, 2017). Let’s explain ethics through technology (right). Technology is a massive field of different subjects. That is why I have a website World Peace Technology, the author Kathleen Carabajal is try ing to explain the ethics of world technology and world peace technology the same realm but again two different subjects. Technology is man’s knowledge of engineering science and systems. In today’s World includes technology and man. Technology is man’s knowledge of engineering science, systems, and policies (ethics). But most important. Technology is an application of science to solve a problem. To explain in a manner of the confusion, it is, For two main reasons. First, man’s knowledge of dealing with engineering science and systems. But most importantly, an application of science to solve a problem (policies). Is that an application of science is to address an issue,(complex). Just like the complexity of the ethics of man is the complexity of the ethics of technology.

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