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The “light”

Stars glimmer in the sky in the Universe that God’s created. We are just a small concepts of the Almighty’s reality. He has a massive responsibility to maintain besides Earth.

Our minds have reach no limits finding no boundaries. Our passions in technology bring fourth unimaginable products. It is like we have no limitations at all.

I wish that was true, we lack the most important reality in the World. From the beginning of time God set fourth guide lines to follow in order to survive. It would be impossible to exist together forever without them.

There will always be adversaries of hate and resentfulness. How can we fix this travesty? You can’t fix it if it don’t want to be fixed. 

How can you improve it? Most of us are too scared to share their inner feelings of compassionate faith. We avoid the subject like a pledge. Why would you be a shamed to love God. Your his child, where else would you have come from. 


His “Light” came upon us in the image of his father, God. Jesus gave all that he had on Earth to us to learn from. His words are expressions of compassion and love through faith and fellowship.

If you desire to achieve peace, compassion between all God’s Religions must exist. We cannot change all minds, the beast is always looking for souls to steel.

Brothers and sisters of the God Of Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Jesus. We can live, learn, love and change our World together. God has shown us the way.

Just look at Jesus and not the storm!

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