Brothers rescue, saves Jesus!

Brothers Jesus

Brothers save, Jesus! 


Hello, world, this is designsb, I want to thank you for all the wonderful message. keep sending them to inspire my thoughts. Last night I and my love were working together on our websites and I started playing around with my visual editor. Building my own applications is something I enjoy doing and after this project was completed, we really liked it.

We love Jesus, why didn’t his Christain followers defended him and immediately made him King of Israel. It was not written or intended to play out that way, but remember I’m a writer with a big imagination. I have only one problem with the crucifixion of Christ. If I had to witness that brutal beating the Romans soldiers placed on the most incredible human that ever walk on the face of the Earth. Kill me first, please. I designed this illustration from a group of fantastic drawings I got from my affiliates partners Pinterest.  I surrounded Jesus with a recuse party, as a group picture they really do look like brothers.

Most people don’t really think about the actual events with Christ here on Earth, he always gave so much of himself without ever asking for anything in return. God’s personal will was implanted in him and he shared it with love and compassion every day of his life. I do understand blasphemy, but I also know how stubborn our minds can be and sometimes that could turn out to be a mistake of Biblical proportions.

Protect your King at any cost!

All of us have our own thoughts about the Bible’s and I strongly feel that is the way it was designed by God. Using parables allows us all to branch out and become more independently diverse. Christ was here and we should have protected him. But he had a heart made of solid gold and didn’t want blood shed put upon his family disciples.  On top of all that responsibility, he still forgave us all. I don’t know about you but don’t you think we owe him peace and tranquility amongst man kind, that’s what he died for. We will probably never see total peace in our lifetime,  it can only start with our children and what we teach them.

Now we don’t all grow up with a silver spoon in our mouth, but you are still all children of God. You might see some terrible things and experience fear and frustration as are growing up. Do not ever give up, you’re just carrying your own cross that sometimes gets placed upon you to test your strength. And you will never be nailed to it after a brutal beating. In fact, you can drop it and walk away.

And that’s what you should do when life gets out of control. I see a lot of frustrated younger adults these days. Some of the remarks the say to one another just, well, it makes me sad. Your generation has a big responsibility to face with our crazy demand for super technical devices. There is very big possibility of that Christ is ready to seize his planet. I certainly hope so before you all kill each other.

Be Ready for the return of Christ.

To be totally honest about the world today, right now. We will break again, we will segregate again, and hate will become stronger than cancer and It will take a million souls at a time. When you look at another man or woman and immediately feel anger in your heart. Your mind is playing games with you and hate has its hold on you and your soul. To feel strong and powerful placing fear into someone mind that you really don’t even know. That is as bad as it can get! Some racial leaders in this World give the order to take out entire races, but they can’t kill everyone. Usually, their victims come back stronger angrier than they were before.  They start a new cycle of hate over their oppressor they dealt with when they were growing up.

What a messed up cycle of hate and anger because some humans want some kind of power and control over one of Gods children. How do you, “stop it”, I just gave you the answer, this is designsb.

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