Humanity Reloaded 2018

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One Nation Under God

One Nation under God is a dream that many Religions have strived for many generations. A remarkable quote that comes to my mind comes from John F. Kennedy.
Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. We all have a part to play on this beautiful planet, and God has shown us the way.
I fear nothing, no gun can scare me because it is the person that dwells it toward me that is scared. Scared of a notion their mind has posture up for them to believe. Why do they deal with anger and pain that is devouring their soul?
Their despair is a message of the unholy one, the beast and he is the greatest liar in human minds. He will lead you into a diamond mine and then burn your soul. He is one really bad apple, that’s why he is already in hell.
Don’t let the Capital Shark Machine and its maneuvering idiots put you into despair. Their day in hell is apparent. Jesus has my back, and I have his back, forever. His light is what I follow, with no doubt, no pain, no sorrow, and no lies.
Ask not what your country will do for you. I ask what it is you will do for God, in his son’s name!
God Bless you all always…

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