In the light of Christ

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For over two thousand years our purpose has been transparent but somehow its reflection seems to get covered up. A quality relationship with Christ for many humans have become very personal and at times it should be. But you don’t want to hide the fact that you walk along the side of Jesus.
As Christians, we are the voice and through your voice, it is a divine inspiration of God plan. The only trait we humans still fail to pass is humanity. That is the responsibility we carry between us through compassionate health. Heaven cannot and will not show earth geographical color, so you will only see, “well I don’t have the answer to that question.”
We will leave our bodies just as the trees burn into the ground and recycle into the earth. Ashes to ashes, we leave behind, but our souls we all pray to be resurrected. Christ has the power to do that, we require the body and blood of the son of man!
Everywhere Christ went he talked about love, it is the secret to life. From the first day you are born, you are loved. Every compassionate eye that lay upon you just can’t resist. It is the way God has designed us, to love and respect each other.
Only you can carry that control within your soul. I call it control because I love to write about Christ. His inspiration and love for me can never be distracted, his words are embedded into my mind. Through my websites, I now can reach thousand throughout the World and amazingly here we are together.
Dave’s Concepts has become an adult, through the Christians Writer’s Network our dreams are becoming true. I can only wish that kind of love for you and your family. Christ is the light, we should follow that light together.
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