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Fear is not part of my Creed, only the words of the God of Abraham are laid upon my lips. Death does not scare me because I have already died and returned, and this time my goals are pure and said from my heart. I shall fear no evil and it shall not fear me, that’s the only way to survive in this world. If I say something that offends another man’s beliefs, we can no longer communicate brothers under Christ. I have left the past behind me and that is where it belongs, every day I wake I see a glorious light in front of me. Which are the everlasting light of Our Savior and I shall kneel before my king’s presence?

Jesus has the power to control me now and I will defend his honor at any cost. My Lord has given me the strength to accomplish anything I so desire, but I desire only harmony in this world. Many don’t understand the reason Our Lord lived among us so long ago, the son of God was born with the same gifts that God gives to all of his children. It is a man that places demons upon his soul and that spreads into a generation with escalating contradictions.

A man’s skin color should not be questioned in this world, geographical birth determines what type of look you may have. It has been determined that education brings a person’s abilities to another level. The hate that comes from a man’s soul starts with just one of this world’s most uncontrollable feelings called jealousy, it should never be placed inside your heart. I lived the life of a jealous man and I fell to my death as a jealous man. I have put that stupidity behind me now, those demons are not present in my soul and now the only men I take barrier from are the ones that condemn themselves.

You cannot change a heart that does not care, and it is not hard to care. To give yourself and expect nothing in return builds a splendid community without greed, and that brotherhood starts to take away the violence. If we start out in our own communities with compassionate efforts, that flows into States, then countries, and finally World Peace. We all know that it is too late for complete World Unity, the power of money controls those who govern it.

Our children are the only hope we have today and you as a parent can possibly change any prejudice beliefs. We hold the key to any hope for our children’s future survival and how is that possible with the continual violence we endure. Today youth are taught to rebel and hate. If we continue to turn our backs on this disease that is killing our society, society as we know it is going to die. It will take all of the world’s minds, put into one, that is unity! I pray for Mother Earth and her inhabitants to learn what it is Jesus has been teaching us about this planet. Listen, think, discuss and practice compassion, if you trust no one, no one will trust you. This campaign is designed to unite and hopefully save more souls in this World, I call it Optimist Creed!

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