The Future of Man Kind

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Changing the World

It is more important today than it has ever been before, we are in the midst of the orbital destruction of preposterous proportions, that means a really big mess and mistake. The American’s we have become today are persecuted by many nations across the globe. One thing is certain, there are enemy forces that are hungry for American bloodshed
How can you fix it, if you don’t compromise?
Our participation in foreign countries during their civil wars has put our Flag in jeopardy because they fill we have caused them a great disgrace and dishonor. These countries now seek blood and that is of great concern to me as an American citizen. I don’t have the knowledge to say whether the events that transpired in Foreign campaigns had mistakes. I’m sure there are some cover-ups on both sides of a dilemma that include human lives. 
Writers note: The New Testimate Bible is documentation written followers of Christ, Christ born on Earth and he was a symbol tried to teach forgiveness and compassion. Jesus came into conflict the Laws Govern property, tax, and slavery. Gods laws are abanded due to wealth and self-indulgent gain of power. 
Here the catch, the truth, and what we must do is examine justifiable ways to compromise. There will be a point when compromising efforts will continue to deteriorate, possibly quickly unless real solutions are taken. 
Isn’t it so that pride is so large that we hold onto it like it is a very part of us?   
It is, we will be eliminated by hate-driven pride.
We should all join one another at an AC/DC concert, it takes a lot of passion to play like an Angus Young coming close 50 years as an Australian Rock and Roll lead guitarist and music writer. We all have some kind of chip on our shoulders, as an individual, those feelings have to be the focus on our existing environmental conditions. If a hydrogen conflict is started, I feel sorry for the victims left behind that will endure more disease and environmental anguish from such a stupid or let’s say it, an act of revenge. A release of large amounts of active chemicals that ignite not only spread their destruction, they have the potential to release whatever they are close enough to blow up. Think!
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