The Meaning of Life!

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What is the meaning of life
That is one of the most asked questions in past and current generations. I don’t believe that anybody had a real solution. Most educated minds would say their children, but when their kids become independent thinkers, they change their minds. But that also changes again every time a grandchild is born and that cycle seemed to carry the baby boomers for 75 years. 
The generation that created our population explosion experience a lot of violence from World dominance confrontations and the depression. Their answer to the meaning of life would have been Jesus, and at that time they were probably right. My generation in the 70s of sex, drugs and rock & roll, also known as the  Generation X missed that struggle and celebrated with the baby boomers… America was young and we really didn’t realize what expendable resources were back then. So real, caused by the pain they would endure from the lost veteran’s blood in the struggle of War Time battles. As a note: I know there are some that shared those feelings in some of our other campaigns in the Middle East. I salute all the veterans of the United States of America, I thank you for preserving our way of life, God Bless them all.
I can never say enough about the importance of a relationship with Jesus. I believe that God created us to learn from our mistakes. Some of us learn from others that stumble along the way and that is usually taught by a good parent or a parent that made mistakes. Either way though, once said by a wise man, as long as you learn to love Jesus and put your faithful trust in his power of life after death, through his salvation, becomes everlasting life! 
By the way, nothing here on Earth is everlasting. 
So my interpretation of the meaning of life is:
Your Salvation
You are the only part of your life that has the abilities to create harmony within your soul. Make your list out, first God, yourself, your family, your mind, your love, and your devotion. If you seek a peaceful environment to enjoy your daily routines peacefully all starts with your mindset. Compassion is a large emotion that in some folks say it may become too involved, we are not talking about total passionate, romantic, love! What the message is saying is, compassion is open concerned hearts that are willing to compromise and that is what Jesus was saying. Compassion is an action word that throws all your most responsible features into one thought called compliance. Until you can overcome any uncompliant thoughts controlling your mindset, your feelings and your attitude are responding back to you with negative responses. Your placement of true/false and positive/negative thinking are the areas you need to focus on. We all know what category our feelings fall into, throwing away your negative thoughts is done through prayer. 
Jesus gave us all a way to pray to him and that prayer can protect you, guide you positively every day you use it.
Our Father, created us all equal, equality is the foundation to respect and the compassion that grows from your loyalty toward one another, in turn, creates balance. All these emotions are mirrors and they are what people see when they look at you because no person lives alone and survives without other humans. Some folks like solitude and they choose to be alone with Christ in their thoughts, that also are the children of God. A bird of a feather flock together is the shadow where we hide and take sides with. That propelled us sometimes in the wrong direction and we don’t realize that they are going the wrong way. Hopefully your loved ones will speak up, but generally, they are too busy with there own quest for their meaning of their life. The meaning of life put in simple terms, it is the image looking back at you every time you look into the mirror. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, look at your eye’s. Then look into your soul, is Jesus in your heart. If not place him in your imagination and look really look real hard again and if you like what you see, God Bless you.  Now let us get deeper into the subject. 
Build a picture of your family and while you are putting it together, your past becomes your future and you are now beginning to become complete again. We all don’t have perfect lives and we pull ourselves away from one another for some really stupid reasons. But this is the Catch 22 problem that every family deals with and adjusts to it for some large periods of their lives. If you visit each other and converse with each only with mutual respect for each other. Equally, means that you have to visit your family if you want them to come and visit you, that is mutual respect. To say you don’t like to talk to anyone makes you either, one, avoiding that person or two, a hermit. I wouldn’t want to be a hermit, so this type of catch 22 problem here cannot be avoided until mutual compassion is shown by each of the stubborn individuals involved. Stubbornness is the hump that broke the Camel’s back, it laid him out!  And if you are generally stubborn by nature, you probably aren’t reading any more of my article, God be with you!  If you are, you just took your first steps toward,  The Messiah, Jesus Christ, he will never leave you if he is in your heart. 
Put yourself in this man’s shoes for one minute out of your life. Do you think Jesus carried that cross for only just one day? A big part of the truth about our existant came from the life of Christ and is not a story or fable and it all has to do with you. Now if Jesus carried that cross for most his life and he was trying to show God children messages and ultimately the truth through crucifixion. Wouldn’t you want to know what Jesus was teaching, that knowledge still applies in today’s World? In Jeresulium when Jesus was on Earth was a part of evolution and their lifestyles were very different than today’s open culture, but one part remained the same for 2017 years. That part is, this man has never given up on you, and he is closer to you than you realize. In open society, our relationship and respect for Jesus is another catch 22 that at times we place in front of their true feelings. Our feelings are very personal, they are so personal we really only let them out when we feel comfortable or stressed. You must remember that it is just like any part of our mind that is venerable which can activate your negative compulsive ego to appear, like regretful, paranoid and angry feelings. To love your Creator and his son cost you nothing, but yet have you ever ask God for something. We all ask for things and remember how many souls he watches over, use his guidance to learn patient, trust, and control, helping you to pull yourself out of any problem. Why, because you are your own meaning of life and what you put into it, is what you’re going to receive, mono e mono.  
You are the meaning of life and by showing others your compassion heart you will find out that love is what makes everything on Mother Earth grow. We have lost some great poets because of the anger between racial stubbornness. 
I will now show Our Savior and his Father Our Creator God my respect through prayer.
Lord God above, I want to thank you for the expression I gain from you. Thank you Lord for your Son, Jesus and I am fully dressed and ready for the time we come together as one. You truly are the Greatest of all and only living God in the Universe. 
God Almighty! 
Creator of Heaven and Earth! 


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